Welcome to Sherpa for the 2016 - 17 season.


Your on-mountain audio guide has a whole slew of features to enhance your Copper Mountain experience. In addition to the official Copper audibles placed across the resort, visitors, staff and locals can leave their own audible markers for others to hear. Listen for celebrity tips, sponsored easter eggs, and more. Don’t forget to bring your headphones so you can hear all the insider info Copper has to offer. Sherpa will also track and map your runs for you giving you access to your top speed, average speed, vertical and more.


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Drop your own audibles on the mountain

Have a favorite line, tip, or joke? Now you can record and leave geo-located audibles for others to hear when they ski or ride through them.

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Tips and Tricks
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Run-by-Run Tips and Tricks

From our most fun green runs to our most challenging black diamonds, you’ll discover on-mountain audibles telling you which lines to take, where to find the best snow and more.

Sherpa Stats
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Real time statistics for every run you take.

How fast? How many vertical feet? Where and how often? Whatever line you take, Sherpa will provide you with the real stats of your run. Just please, keep the bragging to a minimum (unless of course that's your thing).

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Create killer content. Become famous. Win cool things.

Gain a following by leaving jokes, sharing tips, or improving other peoples' vacations, and you could win cool stuff like a free season pass or being featured by name on next season's trail map.

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